January 9, 2021 by Molly Patrick

What do you want to do?

Life is 50% awesome and 50% suck, and we can't escape either.

When we accept that half of our human experience will be hard, we can let go of the idea that it was ever meant to be easy all the time.

By design, life is not always easy. When we understand this we are more likely to sit with the hard stuff instead of running from it to escape the pain.

The invitation to face hard stuff instead of running from it is, of course, optional.

Avoiding pain is a seemingly obvious and tempting path, but it doesn't actually work. In fact, running from pain will only make it more painful. On the other hand, when we make the courageous choice to face the hard stuff with an open heart, oh, my friend, what beautiful magic awaits.

So what do you want to do?

Do you want to keep running and trying to hide from discomfort, or do you want to stand up and shout:

“HELLLLLO LIFE!!!! I am here to experience you until I am no longer alive, so bring it on!!

What do you have in store for me today, baby?!

Good, bad, amazing, heart-wrenching, exquisite, mysterious, beautiful, hilarious, hard, sad, magical, horrible, boring, jaw-dropping, painful, I’ll take it!
I’ll take all of it!

I’m curious about the lessons I will learn and the circumstances that you’ll present. I know it will suck 50% of the time, and I humbly accept!

I GET to be here right now and life doesn’t owe me anything except for the opportunity to learn, expand and grow as a human.

I am ready to get messy and make mistakes and cry and laugh and do hard things and marvel at it all!!! Thank you life, I LOVE you!

I mean, the choice is yours, but life will suck 50% of the time by default, so why make it suck any more than it has to?

Today over on the blog, I’m talking about batch cooking and why it’s such a powerful tool when sticking to a healthy plant based diet.

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