March 13, 2021 by Molly Patrick


The truth?

Sometimes I have no idea what to write to you.

At times my brain tells me that nothing I have to say will add value to people’s lives.

I’ve been on a kick lately of eating vegan veggie puffs (the kind in a package) with my daily green smoothie.

Sometimes I feel like I could be doing so much better in many areas of my life.

Sometimes I have no idea how to have fun.

Once in a while, I feel so overwhelmed that I cry.

I occasionally watch TV while I eat dinner to zone out.

Sometimes I think I could be a better sister, aunt, and friend.

From time to time, I’m super shitty to Luanne when I’m cranky.

There are times when I feel jealous of people who can drink in moderation; sometimes I really miss getting buzzed.

There are days when I’m nervous about life getting back to normal post-COVID because I am anxious and awkward in a social setting.

Some nights I spin off into existential dread when I look up at the night sky.

I have been known to eat so much chocolate that I get a headache.

At times I’m convinced that I have no idea what I’m doing.

So you know what I do?

I love myself through all of it. I remind myself that I'm human. I do my best in the moment, understanding that my best changes from day to day. I give myself patience and encouragement. I let go of my own expectations. I remember that not all my thoughts are true. I am gentle with myself. I take full responsibility for how I feel, without judgment.

To be human is to be imperfect, and those messy, imperfect bits deserve just as much love and tenderness as the rest of you.

Today over on the blog, we’re giving you a pilates session to follow along with from back when we offered our Wellness Hour. Ruth is a great teacher, and I really enjoyed this class. We’re also giving you a Cold-blasting plant based Garlic Soup recipe!


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