January 12, 2021 by Molly Patrick

Total transparency—we are postponing our launch

So...you know how I’m always saying we need to embrace imperfection?
Well, I have a doozy for you.

You know the launch we had scheduled for THIS Friday?
The one I’ve been talking about for a really long time?
The one I emailed you about yesterday?
The Zoom party I have been pumping everyone up for?
The cat leggings I was going to wear?!?!?!

Well, last night I made the tough decision to postpone our big launch.

Yes, we could technically launch on Friday. The new member area is ready and working. It looks amazing. The new features are fabulous. And it’s so close to being ready to hand over to you.

However, since Monday:

I knew there were still loose ends to tie up, and I pushed forward.

I knew some of the features that are really important to our subscribers wouldn’t be ready by Friday, and I pushed forward.

I knew our team was close to burnout, and I pushed forward.

I knew we wanted more time to test the new member area so everything is as close to perfect as we can get it for you, and I pushed forward.

I knew we had about three weeks of work that needed to be done in four days, and I pushed forward.

And then last night, when I was in the shower, I asked myself:

Molly, what is the rush?

And I answered:

Because we picked this date and we told people it’s going to be ready. It’s all planned out. I have a party scheduled for Friday that people already have on their calendar. I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

And then I said to myself:

I hear you. Good points. But you know what? There will also be people who’ll be disappointed if they can’t download and print Meal Plans for a couple weeks. No matter what you do, there will always be people who are disappointed. Set that aside for a moment.

Ultimately, what is best for your subscribers? What is realistic and compassionate for your amazing team? What is your gut telling you, my dear?

At that moment, it was as clear as the water I was showering in.

I knew we had to postpone our launch. And that’s why you’re getting this email.

Our big beautiful launch will not be happening this Friday. We are giving ourselves a few more weeks to get it just right for you. When we launch, you will have downloads and the ability to print. You will also have all the other features we have in the works. Cat leggings will have to wait. Meow.

In my most humble voice:
Can I have a raincheck for that Zoom party?
Can I get a high five for imperfection?
Can you roll with us as we put on the finishing touches?

I will be forever thankful, and I can say with absolute confidence it will be worth the wait.

Thank you for being in our corner, you’re the best.


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