January 6, 2024 by Molly Patrick

This deserves a glittery cat in a banana

Happy 2024, my friend. We made it.

Through the tears, grief, and sorrow.
Through the wonder, mystery, and magic.
Through the not knowing and the discomfort.
Through the laughter and the letting go.
Through the lessons, heartbreaks, and victories.
Through the love, tenderness, and connection.
Through the crying on the floor, crying in the kitchen, crying in the car.
Through the painful goodbyes and the welcomed hellos.
Through the worry, the walking away, the closing of doors.
Through the opening of new paths.

We are one year wiser, one year braver, and many steps closer to ourselves.

If that doesn’t deserve a glittery cat in a banana, I don’t know what does.

cat in a glittery banana

As we start this new year, I am both excited and sad. Excited because it feels like a fresh start. Sad because I am now in a year that my sister won’t be in. Time is strange. I want it to slow down, go back, speed up, and stop all at the same time. But it keeps moving forward, ready or not. And we will continue to grow as we experience all the joys and sorrows of this beautiful life.

I don’t know why we’re all here or what happens to us when we’re not, but what a gift to make an appearance.

May you honor 2023, no matter how challenging it was, and make choices this year that reflect your lessons from the last.


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