October 3, 2020 by Molly Patrick

The world needs you to shine your beautiful light

Every single one of us wants to be loved and accepted.
We want this so badly that we oftentimes give up ourselves to get it.

I know I have.

Every time we make choices based on how someone else might react rather than from our own truth, we chisel away at our very essence.

When I stopped listening to this and I finally heard it, my life changed.

If you are trying to keep the people you love in a constant state of pleasant equilibrium with your choices and actions, even when it goes against the very core of who you are, I invite you to hear this.

The world does not need you to make other people happy with your opinions, your actions, your choices, and your contributions.

The world needs you to shine your beautiful light and speak your truth, regardless of how anyone else feels about it.

The people around you might get uncomfortable. They might get mad. They might even leave. That’s okay, don’t make that a reason to shrink. You aren’t in control of other people, allow them to process your truth how they need while you keep your head held high. They might adjust to it, they might not. You will be okay either way.

When you start loving and accepting yourself, you will no longer require constant validation from everyone else.

Today’s blog post is a continuation of this theme and was written by my friend and co-worker, Kellie Davis. Kellie talks about the decision to eat a plant based diet when your partner and kids aren’t on board.

Kellie is a nurse by training and has served one combat tour and several humanitarian missions during her time in the Army National Guard. She is no-bullshit and gets straight to the point. I love this piece, and I do believe it will help many.

Meet me over here and let’s have Kellie whip us into shape! And then let’s make some whole food plant based chocolate chip blender Muffins!!! (For realzzzz)


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