September 9, 2023 by Molly Patrick

Thank you

I want to thank you for welcoming me into your inbox every Saturday. Did you know I’ve been sending these emails since January of 2014? I mean, there were only three people on the list back then, and two of them were my mom and me, but I kept writing and sending them out every week as if the whole world were reading them. 

Sometimes you gotta fake it ‘till you make it. I don’t know when one “makes it” and I usually still feel like I’m faking it, but here I am, making another Saturday appearance. 

Our membership, Plant Fueled Life, is still welcoming new members and helping them kick ass at cooking and eating more plants. This membership is how we’re able to pay our small team fairly, keep the recipes and meal plans coming, provide amazing customer support, keep our blog and podcast free without ads, and bring you this email each week. 

Membership usually pays for itself within the first month when you follow our meal plans. If you want to join us, here’s a special back door link to join. Choose Full Access and batch with me and other members this weekend by using #DirtyBatch on social media. 

Whether or not you decide to join us, I want to thank you for welcoming me into your life each week. I don’t take your time or inbox space for granted. The fact that people read these letters and sometimes get something from them makes me smile and keeps me going. 

So thank you. 

Thank you for being you. 

Thank you for reading with an open heart. 

Thank you for eating more plants.

Thank you for opening these emails even though they aren’t always about eating more plants. 

Thank you for being in this amazing community of kind Dirties. 

Thank you for all the love over the years. 

Amidst hard times, there are also times of happiness and joy. Sometimes we resist feeling happy and joyful during the rainy seasons of life, but it’s so important to open up and let in the happy with the hard, because life is both. 

Kurt Vonnegut said: 

“I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.’”

Hold onto those nice times. Welcome them in. Smile. Allow them to soften you. You are a gift and it is your birthright to feel happiness. 

Have a beautiful weekend, my friend. Thank you for being here. 


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