August 6, 2022 by Molly Patrick

Shining a light on all of it

Self help. Growth. Expansion. Thought work. Setting goals. Feeling your feelings. Respecting boundaries. Being mindful. Facing challenges. Greeting your demons. Holding space. Breathing in. Opening up. Fueling the body. Moving the body. Growing into the person you are meant to be.

To sum it up: doing the work.

I used to think doing the work was about changing who I was.

I was wrong.

No matter how much work I continue to do on myself, I still have days when I’m insecure and full of anxiety. There are times I care way too much about what people think of me. Sometimes I take someone’s words and internalize them to mean I suck. Sometimes I really mess up. After all these years of doing the work, I’m still going strong in the codependent department. I'm not even gonna tell you about my excellent people pleasing skills. There are times I don’t feel good enough—at my job, at relationships, at friendships, at social events, at life.

And there are times I judge myself for all of it. Then you know what I do? I judge myself for judging myself. 

Until I remember that we don’t do the work to change who we are.
We do the work to accept who we are right now. Messiness, judgment and judgment about the judgment included.

Deep breath. Weight lifted. Shoulders lighter. 

You and I and all the other humans are gonna human. It’s guaranteed to be messy no matter how much work we do on ourselves. That doesn't mean we should stop the work.


Can you pause and cradle your imperfection with love? Because, as I’ve learned, it’s not going any damn where.

And it doesn’t have to.


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