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you will have access to our internal database of over 2,000 (and counting) original Whole Food Plant Based recipes that will teach you how to cook whole plant foods and give you a constant flow of “holy shit, this is good!” announcements from your mouth. From American comfort food to African staples and everything in between, each recipe is carefully crafted and tested multiple times before it gets released.


Whether you’re new to cooking plant based, or you want to diversify your plant powered repertoire,

our Plant Fueled Recipes give you everything you need to kick ass in the kitchen and transform your taste buds to prefer plant based meals. Our recipes are designed to keep you, your family, and your palates excited and begging for more.

Eating plant based is one thing, making your own whole food plant based meals in your kitchen is a whole new level of sexy.

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Jill Hall Learning experience!

Yesterday I had two meals that were worthy of any fine restaurant, for which I would have paid handsomely. Instead of having to leave my home to get these meals, they were there in my fridge, bursting with awesomeness, and seconds readily available if I wanted them. On top of that, after eating I felt fantastic. No post-prandial naptime, no heartburn, no indigestion.

Upon signing up for our Plant Fueled Recipes, you will have instant access to our entire database of over 2,000 tested and deliciously approved whole food plant based recipes.

We’re giving you access to everything - entrees, soups, dressings, sauces, bowls, burgers, grains, beans, salads, wraps, desserts, Dirty Toad in the Cornhole Bake (I kid NOT!) - it’s all there, ready and waiting for you.

New Recipes every week

that aren't available anywhere else...

10 to 15 brand new recipes added every Friday to your online classroom, designed with maximum functionality, flexibility, and ease of use in mind (<---- that is excellent copy for a vibrator ad if anyone wants to use it).

  • Have some lima beans you have no idea what to do with, or some quinoa you need to use up?

    High fives because you can type any ingredient or multiple ingredients into your classroom search box and every recipe using those ingredients show up. All you have to do is browse and take your pick!

  • Are you cooking for one because your partner would rather streak naked down the street wearing nothing but your bright green floppy garden hat, than eat something called Veggie Loaf?

    The struggle is real, we got you. You can choose exactly how many portions you want of each recipe and the recipe will automatically scale to your needs. No more having to figure out half of 3/4 cup - there are way more important things to think about - leave this one to us.

  • Do you belong to a CSA or produce delivery service?

    We’re all about supporting small local farms, and our Plant Fueled Recipes are the perfect compliment to your weekly delivery. Just type in different items from your box and see what recipes our magical database has in store for you.

  • Want to choose a few different recipes and have one grocery list automatically made for you?

    We make that happen! Choose the recipes you want to make, choose the portions, and then with the click of a button, all the ingredients you need for those recipes will go straight to your grocery list. You can check off what you already have, and then off to the store you go, turmeric latté in hand.

  • Want to know which recipes are freezer-friendly, gluten-free, or use the Instant Pot? Or maybe all three?

    We really do make dreams come true, boo. Easily search for the exact criteria that will make your life easier. Now, where’s THAT self-help book when you need it?

  • Want to stash your favorite recipes all in one place?

    That’s what we thought! Simply heart your favorites and they will all be stored in one spot so you can easily find them again and again.

  • Do you like the idea of our weekly Plant Fueled Meal Plans, but don’t like to batch cook?

    Not everyone loves to batch, and that’s okay! All of our Meal Plan recipes are included when you sign up for our Plant Fueled Recipes, so you never have to miss out on the yums.

  • Do you love cooking but find yourself making the same recipes over and over again?

    Our recipe database is filled with diverse recipes from around the globe. Chinese, Irish, German, Cuban, African, Greek, and many more. If you prefer American comfort food, we have that too. Diversity makes our world go round and we are huge fans of global cuisine. You may never venture to Malaysia, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying the food!

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Amy Gillard Cheesy Sweet Potato Steaks over Spiced Lentils with Chopped Red Salad.

What amazes me the most is that 4 months ago I would have thought this was "not for me" but even my boyfriend thought it was delicious! His plate was cleaned too! And when I told him that there was enough for leftovers, he was genuinely happy!

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Are the Plant Fueled Recipes right for me?

If you want access to the most consistently delicious and easy-to-follow whole food plant based recipes out there, then yes, this is for you. Whether you prefer gourmet recipes or simple staples, they are all at your fingertips, ready for you to dive in and have your way with.

Who creates these recipes and why are they so yummy?

Dirty Wizards, Jennifer Pollock, Molly Patrick and Tamie Spears are really, really, really good at what they do.


Jennifer Pollock

Meal Plan & Recipe Developer 


Molly Patrick



Tamie Spears

Meal Plan & Recipe Developer 

Like any great chef, we understand flavor, texture, mouthfeel, and taste. We know how to use spices and herbs and how to create perfectly rich umami without using animal ingredients.

We know how to layer, build, and meld flavor. And most importantly, we know how to instruct even the most inexperienced cooks (plant based or not) so that every recipe comes out as intended.

We also know that if the food isn’t yummy, people won’t eat it.

Each recipe is tested on meat-loving omnivores as well as vegans before it goes to the next phase of testing.

All of our recipes are free of meat, dairy, eggs, oil and overly processed ingredients

And yet, they STILL taste DAMN yummy! Mic drop

There are lots of whole food plant based recipes out there, but once you go Dirty, you’ll never go back.

Subscriber testimonial

Penelope Alice

Depression has been kicking my butt this week, so the best I’ve been able to do is prepare one part of one recipe each day. Sunday I made the herb basmati rice, Monday the red pepper and walnut sauce, and today the shawarma-spiced chickpeas. I felt very pleased when I was finally able to put it all together today for a beautiful, nourishing meal. Even when I am struggling, these recipes add some small amount of structure and accomplishment to my days, and I feel like I am taking good care of myself by eating well. 🙏❤️

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Laura Spinner completely transformed my palate

I made a recipe from another source that I liked but it doesn’t taste quite right anymore. I couldn't put my finger on it till today. Reason: it only has 2 spices and zero depth of flavor. The Dirty Recipe Wizards have completely transformed my palate. 


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  • Access to our database of over 2,000 whole food plant based oil-free recipes
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  • Hundreds of Instant Pot recipes (stove top version of all Instant Pot recipes included)
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  • Six physical PDF recipe downloads per week (resets every Friday)
  • Scalable recipes up to 10 portions
  • Make your own grocery list from different recipes (up to 10)
  • Search recipes by recipe category, which recipes freeze well, allergens, and kitchen tools
  • Weekly email reminders when new recipes drop
  • Complimentary access to our weekly Wellness Hour videos filled with a weekly dose of calm

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  • 1. Access To Entire Database of Over 2,000 Recipes
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  • 5. Weekly Reminder Email
  • 6. Meal Plan At A Glance
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  • 8. Prep Instructions
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  • 10. Batch Cooking Recipe List


This is about loving the foods you don't want to avoid

 - Molly Patrick

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