December 24, 2022 by Molly Patrick

Loving yourself

We are capable of loving others to the extent that we love ourselves.

What might loving yourself look like for you today, this weekend, this month, next year? And who might benefit from that self-love in addition to yourself?

Will you tend to your needs first?
Would that create space to be present for someone else?

Will you speak your truth even if it’s hard for someone else to hear?
How might hearing your truth help that person at some point in their life?

Will you make healthy choices and care for your body before taking care of someone else’s body?
Will your health benefit them in some way?

Will you say no in order to say yes to something you truly want?
Would that help you have tenderness for anyone wanting you to make a different choice?

Will you say yes to something that makes your whole being joyful?
How would that change how you show up for the people you love?

Will you talk sweetly and be gentle with yourself and have your own back no matter what?
How would that kindness and support spill over to other humans in your life?

Will you allow yourself to be sad when you’re sad and happy when you're happy without trying to fix or change how you’re feeling? When called on, would that act of generosity help you hold space for other people’s emotions?

Will you focus on your stuff instead of trying to solve others’ challenges?
How would allowing other people to sort themselves out empower them?

Putting other people’s feelings, needs, and wants before our own might seem like an honorable and generous act, but that’s a flame that burns out quickly and leads straight to resentment.

When we pivot and focus on loving and tending to ourselves first, we are in a prime position to show up for others with love, compassion, tenderness, respect, patience, understanding, and kindness.

So tell me, how will you love yourself, and who else will benefit from that gift of love?

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays.


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