January 1, 2022 by Molly Patrick

Why I'm celebrating not reaching my goal

I had a really big goal for 2021.
And, try as I might, that goal was not achieved.

Now that 2021 is over, I could do several things.

I could give up because I didn’t meet my goal.

I could beat myself up for not making it happen.

I could throw in the towel and decide I’m not capable of such a big goal.

I could make my goal smaller and more “realistic.”


Instead, I will frame 2021 as the year I laid the groundwork for my big goal.

I got everything ready for what’s to come.

I grew my capacity to hold my goal.

I showed myself that I have my back no matter what, whether I reach my goal or not.

2021 was the year I became confident that I will absolutely reach my goal.

Not because I achieved it. But because I didn’t give up along the way. 

The only difference between someone who reaches their goals and someone who doesn’t is that one of them keeps going and one of them stops.

When it gets hard, they keep going. When they don’t reach the goal in the time they allotted, they keep going. When people tell them they're unrealistic, they keep going. When they don’t feel like showing up, they rest, and then keep going. If they aren’t sure what to do next, they pick something and keep going. When they feel afraid, they keep going. When people think they’re crazy, they keep going.

That’s it. We reach our goals by not stopping, especially when it’s hard.

I believe you can achieve whatever you desire, or you wouldn’t have the desire.

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