May 8, 2021 by Molly Patrick

What if you didn't have to though?

You know all those things you tell yourself you have to do?

The never-ending list of chores, the post office, grocery shopping, batch cooking our Meal Plans, paying the bills, grooming your cat because she looks like she’s currently running with a super rough crowd (okay, that one is mine), cleaning out the junk drawer, brushing your teeth, researching “DIY pole dancing poles” for your friend, calling the insurance company, unsubscribing from all the junk email you get, working out, reading that one article that you keep putting off, figuring out your life’s purpose, you know the things.

Is it possible that you don’t actually have to do those things?

I know sometimes it really feels like you have to do them.

But is that true? 

I mean, you might have a compelling enough reason to want to do all the things. But that’s different from having to do them.

If I don’t pay my bills, it will lead to late fees. This is a compelling enough reason for me to want to pay my bills.

If I don’t batch cook our Meal Plans, I won’t eat as many veggies, leafy greens, and whole plant foods throughout the week. This is a compelling enough reason for me to want to batch cook.

If I don’t brush my teeth at least twice a day, I will very likely get cavities. This is a compelling enough reason for me to want to brush my teeth.

Reality check: I could definitely not pay my bills, batch cook, or brush my teeth. Many people do not do these things.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you don’t pay your bills, batch cook, or brush your teeth.

I’m suggesting that I want to is always more empowering than I have to. 

If you start saying I want to every time you would usually say I have to, it will become clear what you’re doing out of obligation versus what you’re doing because you have a compelling enough reason to truly want to do them.

I want to brush my teeth because I don’t want cavities. True.

I want to batch cook our Meal Plans because I want to fill my body with lots of veggies. Also true.

I want to research DIY pole dancing poles for my friend because she asked me to. PUMP THE BREAKS. This is something I for sure don’t want to do. Not because I have anything against at-home pole dancing, get your freaky deaky on. I don’t want to do this because I have my own shit to research, like how to groom my cat without my cat for real killing me.

I want to brings us out of people-pleasing-victim-mode and straight into I-am-a-badass-and-I-live-my-life-on-purpose mode.

Always I want to. Never I have to.

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