January 15, 2022 by Molly Patrick

What I was reminded of this week


It’s been a doozy of a week.

We were four days away from launching the big new thing we’ve been working on for months, and at the last minute, I made the decision to postpone the launch.

Here's what I was reminded of this week:

When you’re not afraid to feel an emotion, it frees you to make the best choice.

Even as I was bulldozing through, I knew postponing was the best choice. Yet, I kept pushing forward.


Because I didn’t want to let down our subscribers or go back on my word.


Because I didn’t want to feel embarrassed. I didn’t want to feel inadequate. I didn’t want to feel disappointment.

But then I remembered: I can feel difficult emotions and be okay.

I can feel the vulnerability of embarrassment and go on about my day.

I can feel the sting of inadequacy and not make it mean anything about me.

I can feel the hollowness of disappointment without anything bad happening.

When we’re not afraid of feeling an emotion, we make choices from a much more powerful place because protecting our feelings isn’t factored into the decision.

When I stopped fearing unpleasant emotions, it was clear:

My team needed me to pause.
I needed me to pause.
And whether they knew it or not, our subscribers and future subscribers needed me to pause.

So with love, I paused.

And nothing terrible happened.

If you’re trying to make a tough decision right now, ask yourself, what would you choose if you weren’t afraid of feeling an emotion?

I’ll leave you with that and wish you a wonderful weekend.

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