February 11, 2023 by Molly Patrick

Life goes on

Sometimes things feel really big and daunting. I’m not talking about the, “oh damn, I’m out of cashews and I need them for the cheese sauce I’m making” moments. I’m talking about the things that spin our world upside down and change reality as we know it.

A natural disaster.
Loss of a career.
A big move.

Stuff that has the weight of 7,891 school buses.

This isn’t an email about how to get through daunting life stuff.

I think the only way to get through the big stuff is to put one foot in front of the other and do the very best we can.

Some days will feel like you’re a drunk insect trying to get out of a spider web, other days you’ll cry just five times instead of 29.

No, nothing I say will make the big stuff ache any less. I wish very much it could, but we all have to get through the ache on our own, even when we have lots of loving support around us.

This is a quick reminder that even when we’re in the midst of experiencing the weight of many school buses, the sun will set tonight and rise tomorrow.

Flowers will bloom.
Birds will sing.
Pets will demand to be fed.
Clouds will float across the sky.
Somewhere a toddler is fascinated by an ant.
Cats will nap in the warm sun.
Soup will be simmered.

It might not always feel like it, but life goes on. All around us. Every day.

If you’re experiencing heavy stuff right now, my heart is with you. You will continue to get through it the very best you can. Make some soup. Feed your cat. Look at the clouds. Buy some cashews. Because your life is going on, too.


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