March 6, 2021 by Molly Patrick

If we were hanging out and you asked for advice, this is what I would tell you

If we were best friends (I mean, we practically are) and I had to pick one thing to share with you today, this is what it would be:

When you are pursuing your goals and your dreams, do not give up when things get hard.

Things getting hard is not an indicator that something has gone wrong or that something is wrong with you. When things get hard, you are simply being asked to expand as a human, which is a prerequisite for reaching your goals and dreams.

You can’t reach your goals and dreams and be the same person you are now. That would be impossible. Your goals and dreams require you to show up differently than you currently are. And the only way you can show up differently is to courageously navigate challenges without giving up on the belief that your goals and dreams are possible.

They are so incredibly possible.

You don’t need to have all the answers right now. You don’t need every detail worked out. The how can be a mystery at this point. You just have to trust that it’s possible, and then keep going no matter how bumpy it gets. Those bumps shape us like nothing else can.

If you’ve been working hard on your goals and dreams and they aren’t coming together as quickly as you would like, take a step back.

Close your eyes and visualize reaching your goal and living your dream. Don’t just picture it, FEEL it in your body. Get excited. Feel that rush. Smile. Squeal. Dance it out. Drop into the reality of having already achieved it, and feel how good that feels (if it doesn’t feel good, that’s a whole other email).

Have fun with this for 5 or 10 minutes, then come back to the present moment and make your plan from THIS place.

Even with the bumps in the road, what can you do right now, today, this week, this month to turn your dreams into reality? Write it down, put it on your calendar, and then follow through.

When difficulties arise, it’s an indicator that you are being pushed out of your comfort zone in order to accommodate the next version of yourself.

There are plenty of good reasons to give up on something, but the fact that it's hard is not one of them.

Keep going and find out what it feels like to be the type of person who doesn’t give up when shit gets hard.

Today over on the blog, I’m extending this topic and talking about that mystical wagon that everyone seems to be falling off. We’re also giving you a recipe for the best avo toast ever.


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