October 3, 2020 by Molly Patrick

I have a question for you, plus my big, juicy skin update

If you knew that today was going to be the last day you were alive, how would you spend this day?

This might be a hard question because most of us don’t like to think about death. I mean, we can all agree that one day every single one of us will in fact die, but that’s in the future and it’s not at all fun to think about, so why even go there?

I get it. Death is big and scary and totally mysterious. We're in this world one day, and then the next day we're not.

What is that? Where do we go? It’s so weird and unsettling.

But what's also unsettling is that most of us don’t live our lives as if death were true.

I invite you to spend some time thinking about this, really going there and letting it sink in. This gig doesn’t last forever. We're here for but a brief moment in time. And then we’re gone.

If you took the time to sit in that truth, how might it change things for you?

Would you soak up every juicy bit of life you could find?

Would you watch the sunset in pure awe?

Would you call the people you love so you could hear their voices?

Would you appreciate every breath you take?

Would you put down your phone, and go outside?

Would you look in people’s eyes and find connection?

Would you forgive anyone? Forgive yourself?

Would you swoop up your kids or your pets or your partner and love them up so much that they have no doubt how much you love them?

Would you let some things go that don’t actually matter?

Would you look at things a little differently?

Would you rise above politics and connect with our common humanity if for no other reason than because in the end, it’s the same for all of us?

Would you breathe a little deeper, smile a little longer, listen a little more intently?

How would you live this day if you knew it was your last?

It’s something for all of us to ponder not for the sake of our eventual death, but for the sake of enriching life today.

Today I’m giving you the whole scoop on the skin issue that I’ve been experiencing for the past year, and how I healed it. I’m also giving you one of my favorite smoothie recipes. I’ll meet you over on the blog and we can dive in.


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