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Drink Less Workshop

Dirnk Less Workshop with Molly Patrick Sober Since 2015

Are you struggling to cut down or quit drinking?

I've been there.

It took me many years and many attempts to quit drinking alcohol and quit smoking cigarettes. On June 14th, 2015 I finally gave up both for good.

Since quitting I have stepped into the person I knew I was capable of becoming.

Whether you want to drink less or quit completely, I have the tools you need to bridge the gap between where you are right now, and where you want to be.

Dirnk Less Workshop with Molly Patrick Sober Since 2015
Plant Fueled Life

What you'll learn in minutes

The Drink Less Workshop is included with your Plant Fueled Life membership.

How to know if you should drink less
or quit altogether

The three most important lessons
being sober has taught me

How to easily be around people who drink when you don't

The one thing you have to master in order
to cut down or quit drinking

What I learned the last time I drank and
how you can apply this lesson to your life

How to stay sober, happily

Meet Your Sober Unicorn

Invest in yourself. You're worth it.

The Drink Less Workshop is included with your Plant Fueled Life membership.

  • Attend live group coaching sessions
  • Watch coaching replays on topics like emotions, cravings and more
  • Ask questions and have access to Molly, co-founder and certified life coach
  • Plant based Meal Plans and recipes to support a healthy lifestyle
  • Videos to help you eat more plants so you can sparkle from the inside out
  • Costs less than two bottles of decent wine a month

Molly’s Influence

This workshop helped me immensely. I am on Day 7 of being alcohol-free. I am practicing all of the steps you taught us. I have my jar and urge slips. It's tough, but I'm hanging in there. You are truly inspirational, and I want to thank you for offering this session!!! I cried many times through the 90 minutes. It really touched home for me.

Lisa K

I had been struggling with very heavy alcohol addiction for over 4 years. I tried to cut back/stop many times only to drink even more the next day. I heard about Molly's sobriety pop up and I thought, what could it hurt? It was affordable so I signed up! I was unable to attend live but the replay was so eye-opening! Molly made me feel welcome and not alone. I took her steps and thought about it for a week, pre-planning for what I might go through. Then, I just did it! Now, I have been alcohol-free since July 14th, 2021!!! The instructions are easily followed and they really changed my life!


Molly has such a good, accessible yet discerning way of explaining things. I don't know what that magic is exactly, but the way she breaks things down into small, yet attainable, tools are comprehensible. It's like she knows me or something! It's uncanny.

Marguerite Rogers

You changed my life girl, went plant based and one year later got sober, 3+ years now. Couldn't have done it without you, that is the solid truth. You are a rockstar!!!

Linda McMahon

Molly, your sobriety journey has always been an inspiration to me, thank you! Following along on your journey with CFDG was one of the pivotal influences in my life to help me make this difficult and important change.

Sarah Paul

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