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change your life with a plant based diet

When you’re confident in the kitchen and consistently cook delicious, healthy plant based meals free of meat, dairy, eggs, oil, and highly processed ingredients, you will:

  • Feel better
  • Look better
  • Have more energy
  • Impress your doctor
  • Kiss dinner stress bye-bye
  • Feel more comfortable in your clothes
  • Discover the joy of your kitchen
  • Save time and money
get the best palnt based recipes around with Plant Fueled Life

If you want to be excited to make magic in your kitchen, you need recipes that will blow your mind. When you make plant based meals you love so much you crave, you will happily continue to cook healthy meals.

get the best palnt based recipes around with Plant Fueled Life

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  • 4,800+ of the most delicious plant based recipes presented in a functional way with scaling and personalization
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  • Helpful how-to kitchen videos
  • Inspiring conversations with people who've transformed their lives by following our meal plans
  • Macro and micro nutrition information available
  • Real food, real people—see each other’s reviews, recipe pictures, and notes
  • Awesome support and encouragement from our team

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What our members say

Plant Fueled Life has been there for me in all the seasons of my life. Cooking and eating this way has taught me how to truly take care of myself, on a deep level. 

Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall Member since 2017

I feel like an absolute rockstar when I’ve got a week of batched meals in the fridge. No change in our lifestyle has been more impactful - or rewarding - than subscribing to Plant Fueled Life.

Lou Ann Traster
Lou Ann Traster Member since 2020

Following the Plant Fueled Life meal plans makes me feel like a gourmet cook!! Prior to this, I was no real cook.

Tiffany Ahmad
Tiffany Ahmad Member since 2022

This food converted my omni husband to plant-based with zero trouble or regrets on his part. We love the food, the support, the Magic Meal Planner, and all things Dirty!

Kelly Glew
Kelly Glew Member since 2018

Even my husband agrees, the depth of flavor is off the chart!!! You don’t have to worry that one recipe will be great and the other “meh” - there's so much flexibility.

Laura Spinner
Laura Spinner Member since 2019

Whether you're looking for weight loss advice or a change in mindset, Plant Fueled Life delivers. My only regret when changing to a whole food plant based way of life in 2018 is that I didn't find it sooner.

Leigh Rumpf
Leigh Rumpf Member since 2020

I wanted to wake up my taste buds...Week after week, I am blown away by the flavors and spices pulled together for an explosion of flavor. Hands down, 100% recommend these meal plans to anyone.

Carla Coughran
Carla Coughran Member since 2019

I had my first Dirty Girl meal last night! It had so much flavor that I was completely satiated and didn't need to surf the pantry or fridge after dinner. Very thankful I stumbled into this community.

Maryanne Laing
Maryanne Laing Member since 2023

Plant Fueled Life has been a game changer for me. The simple plans are perfect for my lifestyle! I simply crave all the plants now!

Dana Hendley
Dana Hendley Member since 2020

The sounds I make when I eat these recipes make my wife giggle. I’ve purchased many vegan cookbooks & many other meal plans…but this is by far the best food I’ve ever eaten.

Sara Wells
Sara Wells Member since 2022

Plant Fueled Life fundamentally changed my relationship with food. I feel good and am excited about the food I batch each week. I can always find crowd pleasing dishes to contribute to potlucks and family gatherings.

Lori Shah
Lori Shah Member since 2019

Love the Recipe Vault. I just looked in the fridge to see what to cook. Head of cauliflower and bag of spinach. Plugged it in, and voilà...worries over.

Chris Naylor
Chris Naylor Member since 2022

Plant Fueled Life recipes make us feel like we are eating at a gourmet vegan restaurant every night!! There's nothing out there that compares to them!

Susan Lamping
Susan Lamping Member since 2020

The food is so delicious, the team is helpful, and the Facebook community is so friendly and fun!

Juanita Franklin
Juanita Franklin Member since 2021

Plant Fueled Life has been a tremendous blessing and has made my whole food plant based journey easier. Taste, texture, they knock it out of the park! 

Jennifer Fitzgerald
Jennifer Fitzgerald Member since 2020

The Magic Meal Planner is better than Wordle--an addictively fun tool for dreaming up and delivering on a week of drool-worthy dishes!

Dee Jensen
Dee Jensen Member since 2019

You're one recipe away from making magic in your kitchen!

Try it out for 10 days, no credit card required.