December 31, 2022 by Molly Patrick

Don’t waste another second

Here’s what I want to share with you on this last day of 2022.

You and I are living, breathing organisms that will one day no longer occupy the bodies we are currently in. Our time is finite, just like the planet we take up space on and the star that warms it.

While none of us know when that exact time will be upon us, we know it will happen. Everything born must also die. No escaping it. No running from it. No paying or praying our way out of it. It is the path.

Death is a powerful and worthy thing to reflect on because it nudges us to trim away the bullshit, cut through the noise, and make choices based on the deepest desires of our heart.

Not because it makes someone else more at ease.
Not because it’s what other people want.
Not because it’s popular or looks good on paper.
Not because it’s what we wanted in the past.
Not because it makes the most logical sense or the most money.
Not because it’s palatable for society (or our community or family).
Not because it’s easy.

But simply because what we desire most will make our heart happy and bring us closer to who we are.

What would make your tender, precious, beating heart sing with happiness right now?

Go do that.
Do not wait.
Do not put it off.
Do not shelve it for another time.

Go do it now.

Even if it’s scary.
Even if people don’t understand.
Even if it sounds crazy.

Do what makes you happy while you’re still taking up space on this planet with the sun shining on your beautiful face, and don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

You got this, 2023 is ready for you.


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