October 14, 2023 by Molly Patrick

Determination and Pop Rocks

Determination doesn’t always feel like an ‘80s roller rink party with orange Fanta flowing, Pop Rocks on every table, free PacMan for everyone, side ponytails and neon as far as the eye can see, and an endless rotation of Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Roxette blasting from the JBLs.

No, determination doesn’t always feel rad.

Nor does it always make a dramatic appearance right when you need it, clothed in a purple velvet suit, platform boots, and a sequin-studded headband, reaching out with a lace-gloved hand to pull you up and give you a motivating pat on the back, pointing you in the right direction.

No. Determination is not Prince.

Sometimes, determination is quiet. Subtle. Softly humming in the background…so soft we almost miss it.
It can be the teeny, tiny step forward.
The deep breath you take instead of giving up when you feel overwhelmed.
The gentle nudge to do one small thing instead of nothing.
Sometimes it’s sitting in discomfort instead of running from it.
It’s not having all the answers and taking unsure steps forward anyway.
It’s a whisper.
A faint tap.
The smallest glimmer of hope.

Determination like this is easy to miss, but she’s there. We all have it. It’s not reserved for a select few and it doesn’t wave like a maniac from the bleachers of your life. Being determined is not about finding determination, it’s about recognizing it’s already there.

Whether it’s reaching a goal or getting through something difficult, you are stronger than you feel and braver than you know. You have everything you need to get through this.

And determination, she’s right there with you, sporting a purple slap bracelet and a plastic charm necklace as she quietly watches over you, dusting you with quiet magic when she senses your uncertainty.

The next time you’re ready to give up, notice her. That whisper. That faint tap. That small glimmer. She’s there, you’re not alone, and you got this.


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