June 11, 2022 by Molly Patrick

A whole new way to look at your body

The human body.

It’s not good or bad.
It’s not ugly or pretty.
It’s not thin or fat.
It’s not strong or weak.
It’s not clumsy or graceful.
It’s not curvy or straight.

These are all labels and constructs we’ve made up.

When you zoom way out from the stories, opinions, language, images, judgments, cultural nuances, messages, standards, and expectations of what a human body “should” look like, you can see your body for what it is.

Your body is simply, and not so simply, a combination of raw elements necessary for life on this planet. Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, to name a few.

Every human body is refreshingly neutral.

Can you get there?

Can you look at your body without judgment or validation?
Without gratitude or disappointment?
Without praise or blame?
Without hope or frustration?
Without approval or discouragement?

Can you see it as flesh in front of you, bones supporting you, blood circulating through you, and air creating a steady rise and fall of your chest?

Can you reach a place where your body and the stars aren’t all that different?

What does that view look like?

Is it quieter?
A little more expansive?
A bit kinder?
Maybe even wondrous?
Accepting, maybe?

Hang out there and explore.

From that place, knowing your body is inherently neutral, how do you want to think and feel about your body? Not because of anything from the outside, but from a desire within your own heart.

When your brain pulls you back into the familiar groove that society has helped you form over the years, all you have to do is look up at the stars and remember who you are.

You are the past, the present, and the future.
You are endless possibility.
You are a statistical miracle.

Since you get to decide how you feel about your neutral body, my goodness, why not treasure it like it’s a fucking piece of art, and love it without condition?

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