December 3, 2022 by Molly Patrick

A reminder from the nightbird

It hurts the most at night.

Instead of entering our dreams,
waves crash in, making the heart race and the body vibrate.

The mind spins.

There is no chance for sleep when storms rumble inside.
So you hang on tight for the long night ahead.
The minutes. The hours.
Spin. Spin. Spin.

Things that once were.
Things you ache for.
Things you wish were different.
Things that time has not yet granted.
Imprinted images on the mind.
Lingering words in your ear.

With clarity and unease, you lay awake.
Spin. Spin. Spin.

Just before sleep slips through your fingers yet again, a nightbird calls out with her gentle song.

A pause.
A shift.
A reminder.
A nudge.

With that one little song, the spinning stops. The waves subside. The rumbling ends.
And cocooned in its place is a simple seed of trust and a surrender to the mystery.

Restless sleep comes to heavy eyes and a sore heart.
Dream now, my love. Dream.

Tomorrow there will be a new song.


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