21 Days to Awesome. A Starter Guide To Help You Glow

Are you ready to get your spark back?

It’s never too late to get that glow and to feel alive and radiant from head to toe.

Diets suck.
This isn’t a diet.

21 Days to Awesome is a tactical guide that will show you exactly what to do to take your health and wellbeing into your own hands, one day at a time.

In this self-guided eBook, you will find 21 days worth of manageable action items that are designed to create healthy habits that will uplift, energize and stick for the long term.

The premise is simple:

It’s about adding more good stuff to your life and feeling good. It’s not about being deprived and feeling sucky. 

There’s a good reason that sudden drastic changes don’t lead to long-term weight loss or happiness.

Too much too fast might lead to short term results but we’re human.

At some point we will eat the cake, take a week off from exercising, have a  sit-on-the-couch-and-watch-reruns-of-NYPD Blue-while-stuffing-bags-of-M&M’s-in-our-face-marathon.

It happens.

When we start making small subtle shifts in our daily life, it can lead to huge, awesome,  sustainable change and the rerun couch marathons will happen less and less.

Up until now, you thought the word sustainability was reserved for cool yupsters driving Priuses.

Sustainability  can absolutely mean you in your skinny jeans FOREVER.

And it’s way more than just skinny jeans.

It’s about feeling so good that you look forward to going to bed just because you want tomorrow to be here. It’s about getting back your power and connecting with yourself. It’s about getting out of your everyday routine and trying something new. It’s about nourishing and nurturing you.


Think of this as your reboot. Your fresh start. Your gift to yourself.


There are a lot of plans and programs out there and I know that choosing one can be scary. Change is scary.

If you aren’t totally happy with my program after 21 Days, I will happily give you your money back.


“People make comments about my skin being brighter and glowing since I finished 21 Days to Awesome. I have been able to get off my migraine and my allergy medications. My blood pressure and cholesterol are even down. I have more energy now than I can remember. Thank you Molly!”

Sylvia Pennington. Public Defender’s Department. New Mexico.


I truly believe that our bodies and mind are completely interconnected and in order to be at our best, we must make time to nurture them both.

This book is as a starter guide that will show you exactly what to do to get that glowing radiance that is just waiting to burst through.

You deserve every bit of it!


Items Include

  • Meal Plans with Recipes
  • Getting Familiar with Your  Health Food Store
  • Lemon Cayenne Water
  • Kale Baby!
  • Just BE
  • Carb Makeover

  • Super-foods
  • Spa Day
  • Juicing
  • Smoothies ‘n Salads
  • Tea Time
  • Juice Recipes





They said what? (yes these are real people)

“I was motivated to get healthy and I was looking for a realistic approach that I could incorporate to my daily life. 21 Days to Awesome delivered. I felt amazing, even after completing the first stages of 21 days. There are things that I learned that I will apply for the rest of my life. I have more energy and feel overall refreshed and balanced. I was amazed at the difference I noticed from cutting out things from my previous diet that I thought I would never do without. Giving this lifestyle a chance really changed my life.”

David L Pennington. Ph.D Research Psychologist. San Francisco.

“21 Days to Awesome meets its promise. The small (and simple) changes that the chapters set out for each of the 21 days are quite manageable. Because the suggestions in the book are additions rather than subtractions from my diet and routine, I was more willing to agree with and engage in the changes. I have a full time profession, am the mother of three young children and have a significant commute and still, I was still able to follow the plan fairly effortlessly, which then encouraged me to make other changes. While my life is not one that has a lot of down-time, the book’s plan helped me to integrate things into my busy day that help me feel nurtured and empowered. Thank you!.”

Annelies Brabant. International School Teacher & Mom, Germany.

“This book is great at helping me create new habits. It has introduced me to some fantastic additions to leading a healthy life! I have enjoyed picking up some new habits and it has helped me cut out caffeine.”

Mary Rose LeBaron. Community Activist & Mom, Berkeley, California.

“This is a perfect solution for people who are brand new to a healthy and balanced lifestyle and it is a fantastic and worthwhile tune up for people who are already there.”

Joel Daniel.Chef, Oakland California.

“I’m enjoying your small steps approach. Overall, it’s helping me be more conscious of what I eat and how I plan my day. I’m glad to have found this. It was meant to be!”

Joyce Cushing, Michigan.



This 130 page PDF eBook contains full color images that are readable across
devices (computers, iOS & Android devices, e-readers and smart mobile phones)