October 16, 2021 by Molly Patrick

You are your own unique specimen of greatness

Sometimes we get so caught up in other people’s magnificence we miss our own.
Obviously, I know this because I follow Kate Hudson on Instagram.

But magnificence is not a zero-sum game. Someone else's magnificence can’t take yours away. You are your own unique specimen of greatness.

You have solved problems that only you can solve.
You have gotten through situations you had no idea how you were going to get through.
You have watched the world fall to its knees, and here you are.
You have overcome so many obstacles.

You have held space like only you can.
You have been knocked down, only to get back up and try again.
You have looked your fears in the face.
You have done the dance.
And you have the wisdom, the beautiful lines on your face, and the stories to prove it.

Yes, other people are magnificent.
And you are just as magnificent as any other human walking this earth.
Allow both to be true and watch your capacity for love grow.

What a pleasure to witness another human’s greatness.
What a gift to acknowledge one’s own greatness.

When we love ourselves and acknowledge the light we bring to this world, and we love other people and acknowledge the light they bring to this world, we stop comparing. We stop judging. We stop flattening our own magnificence into the ground.

When you own your magnificence (even just a little at first) and allow it to shine, there is no limit to where it can take you.

Go shine, my dear.

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