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Plant Based Meal Plans

Over 300 plant based Wizard Plans created by our recipe developers to tantalize your tastebuds and nourish your body. Complete with a grocery list, batching instructions, and interactive tools to make mealtime enjoyable again.

Plant Based Recipe Vault

Over 4,000 of the most delicious plant based recipes you won't find anywhere else. Say goodbye to pesky ads and Pinterest fails. Say hello to your kitchen BFF.


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Magic Meal Planner

Make a custom meal plan complete with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and extras for the week and share it with other members. Add custom items to your list, switch view modes and create magic in your mouth.

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Watch Coaching sessions on managing cravings, quitting sugar, cutting down or quitting drinking, goal cultivation, and more. They'll help you bridge the gap between wanting to eat more plants and actually eating more plants. Sessions led by Molly, co-founder and certified life coach.

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Life Changing Results from our members

Following the Plant Fueled Life meal plans makes me feel like a gourmet cook!! Prior to this, I was no real cook.

Tiffany Ahmad
Tiffany Ahmad Member since 2022

Molly's coaching has been life-changing! After many years of yo-yo dieting, followed by many years as a junk food vegan, the coaching sessions have let me unpack my thoughts and beliefs, and now my external actions align with my internal intentions.

Hazel Brown
Hazel Brown Member since 2017

This food converted my omni husband to plant-based with zero trouble or regrets on his part. We love the food, the support, the Magic Meal Planner, and all things Dirty!

Kelly Glew
Kelly Glew Member since 2018

No change in our lifestyle has been more impactful - or rewarding - than subscribing to Plant Fueled Life.

Lou Ann Traster
Lou Ann Traster Member since 2020

Whether you're looking for weight loss advice or a change in mindset, Plant Fueled Life delivers. My only regret when changing to a whole food plant based way of life in 2018 is that I didn't find it sooner.

Leigh Rumpf
Leigh Rumpf Member since 2020

Plant Fueled Life meals are always better than restaurant food. I don't waste money eating out anymore. Turned my husband into a cook, and a damn good one at that. I can always find crowd-pleasing dishes to contribute to potlucks and family gatherings.

Susan M. Boyer
Susan M. Boyer Member since 2022

Plant Fueled Life has been a tremendous blessing and has made my whole food plant based journey easier. Taste, texture, they knock it out of the park! 

Jennifer Fitzgerald
Jennifer Fitzgerald Member since 2019

The Magic Meal Planner is better than Wordle--an addictively fun tool for dreaming up and delivering on a week of drool-worthy dishes!

Dee Jensen
Dee Jensen Member since 2019

I wanted to wake up my taste buds. I found Plant Fueled Life, and their meal plans are out of this world. Week after week, I am blown away by the flavors and spices pulled together for an explosion of flavor. Hands down, 100% recommend these plans to anyone.

Carla Coughran
Carla Coughran Member since 2019

I decided to go plant based for our health but Plant Fueled Life and these amazing recipes created by true Wizards have transformed our lives and re-sparked my interest in cooking delicious food!

Joan Lazaunik
Joan Lazaunik Member since 2019

Literally life-changing. I've been a member since March 2022, and my body, mind, and soul are so much happier and healthier. Pain-free, better energy, clearer mind. And with the simple plans and the quickie recipes, it couldn't be easier.

Jessica York
Jessica York Member since 2022

Our recipes check all the boxes

No meat
No dairy
No eggs
No oil
Have minimal sugar
Gluten-free friendly
Developed by our team
Taste tested & approved
Insanely delicious
Allergy friendly
Optional nutrition info

Our recipes check all the boxes

No meat
No dairy
No eggs
No oil
Have minimal sugar
Gluten-free friendly
Developed by our team
Taste tested & approved
Insanely delicious
Allergy friendly
Optional nutrition info

You're going to learn how to

  • Cook surprisingly delicious whole food plant based meals

    you and your (omni and plant based) family will enjoy. All of our recipes are free of meat, dairy, oil, eggs, and overly processed ingredients.

  • Stop being stressed

    and overwhelmed when thinking about what to cook and eat.

  • Save time

    by prepping / batching your meals in advance.

  • Eat the produce you buy

    instead of watching it wither away in your produce drawer for weeks on end.

  • Feel energized

    from the inside out.

  • Make strides in your life

    Watch helpful coaching sessions to get the results you want

  • Sleep

    like a baby.

  • Experience thriving health

    and get rid of aches and pains.

  • Feel in control

    and responsible for your life and your health.

Plant Based Chocolate Chip Blender Muffins

Eat more plants and live your life on purpose

Here's what's included in your membership

  • 300+ Plant Based Meal Plans

    (AKA Wizard Plans) are created by our in-house recipe developers, which our community deemed as Wizards because of the magical meal plans they create! If you want to say goodbye to stressing out about what's for dinner, let us do the dinner planning. Simply follow along, go grocery shopping, and put in 2-4 hours of batch cooking once a week for five nights of flavor. Learn more about our plant based meal plans here

  • 4,000+ whole food plant based recipes

    in our Recipe Vault that you can't find anywhere else. Filter the deliciousness with ease by category, ingredient, allergen, tools, cuisine, and more.

  • Recipe & Wizard Plan Collections

    with our most loved recipes and meal plans organized by theme. Take a sneak peek at our Must Make Recipes for Beginners recipe collection, and get a feel for what awaits you. 

  • Magic Meal Planner

    allows you to create your own custom meal plans, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Choose what you want to make in advance and your meal planner will calculate everything for you, from groceries to the batching list. You can also share your custom plans with other members! 

  • Detailed grocery lists

    broken down by department with quantities, what meal each item is from, pictures, and the ability to add custom items.

  • Optional nutrition information

    our recipes aren't designed to meet specific dietary requirements, but we do offer nutrition information to those who would like to see it.

  • Weekly email

    direct from Team Dirty, exclusively for members.

  • Inspiring Conversations

    with Molly Patrick and people like you. Watch dozens of inspiring conversations with members living a Plant Fueled Life.

  • Kitchen Play

    video series with Molly in her kitchen walking you through super simple whole food plant based recipes and kitchen best practices.

  • Group Coaching

    sessions with Molly, co-founder and certified life coach, can help you with managing cravings, quitting sugar, cutting down or quitting drinking, self-sabotage, goal cultivation, and more. They’ll help you bridge the gap between the results you’re getting and the results you want to help you shine like the badass you are.

  • Whole Food Plant Based Basics

    video series perfect for those new to WFPB eating or in need of a refresher.

  • Reduce or Quit Drinking

    Molly has been sober since 2015, so she knows the struggle. You are not helpless, hopeless, or alone. If you want to drink less or quit altogether, find support here.

  • Prep videos

    over 70 videos demonstrating how to slice, dice, chop, and more.

  • Notes

    add public or private notes to Wizard Plans and recipes.

  • Super search

    advanced search capabilities so you can easily find what you're looking for, including omni-friendly, fast meals, global cuisines. You can search by ingredient to use up the produce you already have. 

  • Reviews

    rate and review Wizard Plans and recipes.

  • Save & Love

    search your Saved items for your favorites at your fingertips.

Eat more plants and live your life on purpose

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When you join Plant Fueled Life, you get instant access to the tools and accountability you need to start making changes to your life today.

Whole Food Plant Based Basics
A series of short videos answering the most common questions about whole food plant based eating. From what to expect when eating this way, to which staple ingredients and kitchen tools you'll need—you'll get the basics down in no time!

Whole Food Plant Based Basics Video Series Plant Fueled Life
Prep Video Plant Based Cooking

Prep videos
Learn how to slice, dice, and chop like a pro with dozens of professional how-to videos.

Optional nutrition information
Our focus is on taste and nutrient diversity. But if tracking macros and micros are important to you, turn on nutrition information and track away! Not into counting calories? You don't have to do a thing.

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