Kellie Davis

Director of Operations


In a nutshell...

Kellie didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up, so she did the only logical thing: got married young and joined the Army! She remains grateful for lessons learned, divorce, and the opportunities afforded to her over 15 years of military service, including world travel and a nursing degree.

With years of trial and error under her belt, Kellie feels she is finally building a life in accordance with her values. In addition to eating all the plants and her work with Clean Food Dirty Girl, she enjoys teaching Mindful Self-Compassion and fostering animals through the local Humane Society.

She loves her mountainside home in Utah where she resides with her partner, her son, 3 hellhounds, and a feline to rule them all.

What do you enjoy batching to? (music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc..)

Music- I hit “shuffle” and hope for the best!

What are your top three favorite CFDG recipes?

African Peanut Stew, Nasi Lemak with Sweet & Salty Tempeh and Garlicky Bok Choy & Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

Why do you like being part of the Dirty team?

Working in healthcare as a Registered Nurse, I was increasingly frustrated with the traditional western medical model of treating symptoms but stopping there and not exploring root causes to help people truly become healthy. Being part of Team Dirty, I feel I have a greater positive impact supporting health and wellbeing. CFDG aligns well with my values, I adore and admire absolutely everyone on the team and am honored to be counted among them.

The quality I love most about myself is...

My ability to keep a cool head (most of the time)

How does eating plants enrich your life?

I find joy in eating and am no longer filled with regret after an indulgent meal. I’ve gained more confidence in the kitchen and include a much wider variety of foods now. I’m also living my life with more connected presence and awareness. Changing the way I eat has become about so much more than just food.