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The Plant Based Reset is our yearly live step-by-step program designed to reset how, what and why you eat and get rid of your cravings for junk food, alcohol, cheese and other crappy foods that keep you stuck. Together, we'll clean out the gunk, heal your relationship with food, mend your relationship with your body and get you ready for the best year of your life. 

During the month of January you will transition from craving cookies and booze to craving green juice and hummus. You will go from tired and sluggish, to refreshed and energized. 

Each week a new video training is released along with a new set of action items for that week. I also throw in a ton of cheat sheets to help you with your action steps.  

Everyone who joins will go through it at the same time. This means you won't be alone when going through sugar withdrawal and detox headaches. We've created one of the best and most supportive online communities out there. At any point, you can reach out and find a ton of awesome people going through exactly what you're going through. 

Each week we have a live video Q+A call where you will have direct access to Molly for a full hour. Ask questions, get clarity, tell the group how you're feeling, complain about your detox symptoms, or simply listen to everyone else's questions and comments.

This is a virtual program. You can be located anywhere in the world to participate. All you need is decent internet connection and a computer.


Why This Program Works

This program is based on the simple principal that what matters most is the quality of the food you eat, not the quantity.  

It is built on the understanding that the body is an amazing machine and it is capable of bringing itself into balance when given the right fuel. 

This is about getting completely in tune with your beautiful body and trusting the signals it gives you. 

Spread THAT on some toast and eat it! 

I have lost 20 pounds! I am feeling so much better about myself. I never would have thought I could give up coffee and not care. I look forward to eating now and the junk food is gone. I only shop in the outer aisles of the store and batch cooking on weekends is automatic. Thank you, thank you.
~ Debra Chan
(Class of Jan 2016)

Created and guided by Molly Patrick, Co-Founder of Clean Food Dirty Girl & Whole-Food Plant-Based Expert


Molly specializes in the Whole-Food Plant-Based diet. Through her compassionate and no bullshit approach, she helps people across the globe eat more whole plant foods and less of everything else.

She has worked in the plant-based realm for the last decade and holds a certificate in plant based nutrition from Cornell University in conjunction with the T. Colin Campbell Foundation.


Module One

Getting In The Zone

January 2nd

This first week is all about preparing your kitchen and your mindset for the next month and beyond. Preparation is key and if there's one thing I've learned over the past 10 years, it's that changing how you eat has just as much to do with your mindset as it does with the food you eat.

Action Items:
Come up with your WHY
Prepare your kitchen and your mindset for the next month and beyond
Re-thinking the role that food plays in your life
Morning lemon water ritual

Cheat Sheets:
Embrace the Suck 
Food is Fuel Game Plan  
Kitchen Sanctuary Checklist & Kitchen Tool Must Haves 
Morning Lemon Water Instructions


Module Two

Understanding Your Hunger and Resetting Your Taste Buds

January 6

This module is all about understanding your hunger and resetting your taste buds so that you find pure enjoyment in healthy, plant based foods. You will also get rid of your cravings for crappy food and alcohol.

Action Items: 
Five Day Juice / Smoothie Fast
Kitchen Ingredient Clean Out
Taste Test Experiment

Cheat Sheets:
Juice / Smoothie Fast Instructions 
Juice / Smoothie Fast Grocery List
Juice & Smoothie Guide + Recipes
Taste Test Experiment Instructions
Kitchen Ingredient Clean Out

Module Three

The Power of Eating Plants

January 13

This module is all about understanding why eating plants is so powerful for your health and wellbeing. Doing it is one thing, understanding why you're doing it is just as important.

Action Items:
Eat and drink nothing but whole plant foods for the next 21 days (goodbye coffee, booze and sugar - it's been fun.)

Cheat Sheets:
Green and Red Light Foods
Twenty Whole Food Plant Based Meals Under 20 Minutes
Whole Food Plant Based Substitution Guide For When Munchies Hit
Grain and Legume Info + Cooking Guide
Cruciferous Cheat Sheet
Plant Fueled Meal Plan of the Week
Access to Molly's Personal Ongoing Instant Pot Database


Module Four

Cooking Like a Plant Based Boss

January 20

In this module we bring it all together and you'll get schooled on Whole Food Plant Based Cooking.

Action Items: 
Continue eating and drinking nothing but whole plant foods
Create and submit  your own Whole Food Plant Based Recipe

Cheat Sheets:
Herb and Spice Guide
Flavor Pairing Cheat Sheet
Batch Cooking Best Practices
Batch Cooking Time Savers and Shortcuts
Flavor Boosting Tricks
Oil Free Cooking Techniques
Thirty Essential Plant Based Ingredients

Module Five

Navigating the Obstacles and Staying on Track After the Reset

January 27

In this module we cover the biggest obstacles when eating this way and how to easily sail past them. You will also get solid tools for making this stick long after the Reset is over.

Action Items: 
Write a love letter to your body
Quick mindset makeover
Reflection - letting it all sink in

Cheat Sheets:
Love Letter to Your Body Instructions
Quick Mindset Makeover Instructions
Reflection Questions
Eating out Guide
Seven Scripts for When People are Being an Ass About Your Food Choices




Everyone goes through this party at the same time. This gives you maximum support, accountability, encouragement and fun. You will bond with your fellow Resetters because only they will fully understand when you start craving broccoli and lose your taste for potato chips and cheese.



Every Friday a new pre-recorded video training opens, along with loads of helpful cheat sheets.

Every Monday we have a live Q+A video call. Think of this as a weekly accountability date and bring your questions, concerns, wins and gripes. This is the perfect place to get instant answers, clarity, guidance and support. Every call is recorded and the replay is available immediately after each call.


Each week you will have new action items to implement. These will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and put everything you're learning immediately into practice.



Your personal classroom is always open. You can re-watch the trainings, download the cheat sheets and watch the Q+A replays as often as you like. You will have lifetime access to your classroom and all of the Reset material.


I'm down 50 pounds! I feel really good, marveling at how I'm no longer bothered by cravings for stuff I used to eat, like cheese and bread! Hallelujah! Beginning to explore new whole foods and really being with the empowerment of the freedom from cravings! It's hard to put into words, but this has been a wonderful, life changing adventure! Thank you for your passion and sass!
~ Veronica Johnson
(Class of Jan 2016)

After 5 weeks your sugar and processed carb cravings will be gone, you will be energized, clear headed, free of bloat, and ready to KICK ASS in the best way possible. 



“Exploring your relationship with food and building a new and sustainable connection with your diet will having lasting effects. I am overwhelmingly impressed with Molly and the work she puts into the world. This program isn't another short-term plan to a lifelong problem. It is packed full of information and exercises that will transform your health, and her support through the program will keep you accountable and on track.”

~Dr Mo Ashori, MD

Primary Care Physician, Kaiser Permanente

See what past Resetters have to say about the program

FULL DISCLOSURE: None of these lovely ladies were paid to talk to Molly. They volunteered after getting awesome results from this program. 

Come and meet them in our Private Facebook Group



Bringing your body into balance by giving it the right fuel is what this program is all about. 

Here are just a handful of things you can look forward to during and after the Reset. 



You will not be happy with this program if...


1. You're looking for the latest diet miracle.

Spoiler alert - there is no such thing as a diet miracle. The closest you can get is eating the right food, moving your body, drinking enough water and getting good sleep. If you're looking for a miracle solution, you might hit up Dr. Oz, but I'm giving you fair warning, you'll be disappointed.

2. You don't want to spend time in your kitchen.

Real food involves preparation time. If you aren't willing to spend a little time in your kitchen each week, preparing nutrient dense meals, this program won't be your cup of tea.

3. You're not ready to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

This program is designed to empower you and give you all the necessary tools and support to take control of your life. It only works if you're willing to make the necessary changes and hold yourself accountable.

4. You're not ready to do the work.

This program takes work and no one can do the work for you. If you're not ready to give it your best, you should skip it.

Resetters From 2016

Participants who have gone through the Reset. 

Join us and connect with them in our Private Facebook Group here


Heidi Geffen
Based on your webinar, reading your blog, making your recipes, etc., I jumped in. And I don't do baby steps, so I was already feeling it from the very beginning. I'm experiencing: Better sleep, feeling refreshed when I wake up, steady energy throughout the day, NO cravings, better mental clarity and focus, overall sense of happiness & well-being, and good poops! Molly - You have a gift, and have found a wonderful way to share it and make a difference. You are truly an inspiration! Thank You!!!

Pamela Espenschied
I have Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR), which is an autoimmune disease that attacks my joints. I've found that I'm not having the pain and stiffness in my joints, since starting the Reset. I also notice that I'm not feeling as bloated throughout the day.

Elizabeth Yockel
I have more energy, I am excited to eat nothing but plants, crackers and hummus are now my guiltiest pleasure, my yoga practice has deepened and I am paying more attention to my body. I feel lighter, and have indeed dropped about ten pounds.

Gladys McKenzie
Feel lighter. More energy. Clean. I can seriously feel the absence of crap food. My mouth feels uncontaminated. I didn't realize how bloated I was! Cravings gone. The Reset has exceeded my expectations!I didn't expect to have the Aha! moments I've experienced - the science! I didn't expect the physical changes to be so big. Each week I've gotten exactly what I've needed (motivation, explanation and action steps) to succeed.

Kim Kennard
Before I met Molly, I had tried every cockamamie diet out there. Bought the books, the videos, even the one with Vitamin B shots. And each time weight would come off and weight would go back on. But this isn't about dieting or reducing numbers on a scale. It's about self discovery. Once I found this warm, accepting community to be a part of, I started to experience self acceptance. And once that happened, I knew I was finally ready to make over my eating choices. I was a mostly vegetarian that enjoyed guilty cheese and seafood on occasion. Now I am a whole food plant based person who is experiencing flavour for what feels like the first time in my 51 years. I am waking up at 5:30 AM rested and ready for the day. I feel like there is more clarity as I go through my day. I am doing yoga! I am happy inside and out!

Stephanie McDemon
I am pre-diabetic and was trying to figure out a way to change my diet. Reset has given me a step by step guided blueprint to do that. This has been seriously life changing with benefits beyond my wildest dreams ;-)...Thanks Molls. I am so in awe of your organizational skills, your ability to immediately respond to our individual needs, your knowledge and confidence in leading us through this life changing event and your style of coaching which makes each and every one of us feel special and valued. You made what seemed impossible, overwhelming and complicated a piece of cake (HeHeHe?) YOUR SHIT IS TIGHT MOLLS!!!!!

Jazmin Ortega
I feel lighter. Happier. I feel so motivated to make a change in my life. I needed this reset to learn how to be healthier and become 100% WFPB. Thanks for your amazing energy. So full of positive vibes that they even can be felt thru a computer!!

Letitia Sippio
Hey Molly: First, let me say "*THANK YOU*"! I don't believe without your teachings I would be off the weight loss roller coaster. I actually eat and my body is shredding pounds without me counting damn calories or numbers. I removed the extenders from my expensive bra's and they do not leave a line in my back! The inflammation in my legs and feet have dwindled down to almost nothing. I bought a pair of 1¼” heels, this is HUGE considering I recently had both of my knees totally replaced. *YOU *are an *ANGEL*! Your Universe JuJu is on-point!

Quick Recap Of The Plant Based Reset

January 2nd  - January 30th


New Video Training, Action Items and Cheat Sheets Each Week 

Direct Access to Molly and your Fellow Resetters Every Monday During the Live Q&A Calls 

Lifetime Access to Materials

Participating as a Group = Support, Accountability, and Never Feeling Alone

Access to a Private Plant Based Resetters only Facebook Group 


Our promise to you:

If you follow along and do the program in its entirety, it will change your life like it has with the people who have gone through the program before you.



if you have any questions, email us directly [email protected]

We run this program once a year. Enrollment closes on December 22nd at midnight Pacific Time.

See you on January 2nd where I will be waiting to lovingly kick your perfect ass!





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