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This is all about having less pleasure in your life and more JOY.

Here's What I Have in Store For You! 


The Plant Based Reset is our live step-by-step program that resets how, what and why you eat. We run this program once a year and it is designed to get rid of your cravings for junk food, animal based foods (I'm lookin' at you, cheese), alcohol, sugar, and processed foods. These foods might bring you pleasure, but they zap your joy and they keep you stuck in unhealthy eating and drinking patterns. Together, we'll clean out the gunk, heal your relationship with food, mend your relationship with your body and get you ready for the best year of your life.

During the month of January you will transition away from craving cookies and booze to craving green juice and hummus. You will go from tired and sluggish, to refreshed and energized.

Each week a new video training is released, along with a new set of action items for that week. I also throw in a ton of Dirty Downloads to help you with your action steps.

Everyone goes through the program at the same time. This means you won't be alone when sugar withdrawal and detox headaches hit. We've created one of the best and most supportive online communities out there. At any point, you can reach out and find a ton of loving and supportive people who are going through exactly what you're going through.

Each week we have a live video Q+A call where you will have direct access to Molly for a full hour. Ask questions, get clarity, tell the group how you're feeling, complain about your detox symptoms, or simply listen to everyone else's questions and comments.

This is a virtual program. You can be located anywhere in the world to participate. All you need is a decent internet connection and a computer.

Check out all the countries represented from past Resetters! 

2017 Resetter: Rhonda Davis Lap Band & Sugarholic

Rhonda had lap band surgery in 2008. Equating vegan with healthy, she ate a lot of vegan processed foods and ice cream.

Rhonda went through the Reset and successfully kicked sugar's ass.


Why This Program Works 


This program is based on the simple principle that what matters most is the quality of the food you eat, not the quantity.

It is built on the understanding that the miraculous human body is meant to be healthy and it is capable of bringing itself into balance when given the right fuel.

This is about getting in tune with and connected to your body, and experiencing your natural hunger signals and cravings controlled by your body's needs, not by addictive food and drinks.

This is about finding out what happens when you stop eating for pleasure and you start eating for joy.

Spread THAT on some toast and eat it! 


After five weeks with Molly, your sugar, cheese, processed food, and alcohol cravings will be gone. You will be energized, clear headed, focused, grounded, free of bloat, and bursting with JOY. 

2017 Resetter: Tricia Nicoll Menopause, Cheese & Alcohol

Tricia had been an alcohol loving vegetarian for a long time. Her menopause symptoms were difficult to manage and she felt overall blah.

Going through the Reset helped Tricia kick her lifelong love for cheese and alcohol, while shedding some pounds, feeling totally energized AND waving goodbye to her hot flashes.

Created and guided by Molly Patrick

Whole-Food Plant-Based Expert & Co-Founder of Clean Food Dirty Girl


Molly specializes in the Whole Food Plant Based diet. Through her compassionate and no bullshit approach, she helps people across the globe eat more whole plant foods and less of everything else.

She has worked in the plant-based realm for the last decade and holds a certificate in plant based nutrition from Cornell University in conjunction with the T. Colin Campbell Foundation.



How The Reset Works 


Doctor's Note


“Exploring your relationship with food and building a new and sustainable connection with your diet will having lasting effects. I am overwhelmingly impressed with Molly and the work she puts into the world. This program isn't another short-term plan to a lifelong problem. It is packed full of information and exercises that will transform your health and your life. Her guided support through the program will keep you accountable and on track.”

~Dr. Mo Ashori, MD

Primary Care Physician, Kaiser Permanente

Bonus Results 

Bringing your body into balance by giving it the right fuel is what this program is all about. Here are just a handful of other things you can look forward to during and after the Reset. 


Less Inflammation & a Healthy Gut

Less inflammation means less aches and pains in the joints and in the rest of your body. You will be fueling with lots of prebiotic and probiotic foods which will foster healthy and thriving gut flora.  


Weight Loss

This is about eating better not less. When the diet is made up of whole plant foods, losing weight is just part of the process. And you don't have to count calories or macronutrients to do it. 


Look & Feel Younger

When you eat lots of  micronutrients your skin glows, the whites of your eyes get whiter and brighter and you will even sleep better. Brain fog lifts, you get energized and you feel inspired and motivated about life. 


Lower LDL (bad) Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

Many Resetters have gotten off of cholesterol and blood pressure medication during or shortly after the Reset. 


Prevention From Degenerative & Chronic Diseases

When your lifestyle consists of anti-inflammatory foods, your body has the ability to take care of the rest and stay healthy and balanced. 


Mental Clarity

When the diet is free from processed ingredients, like sugar and oils, your mind will be more clear, focused and settled.


Less Colds & Flus

When fueling your body with the right nutrients, your immune system gets a huge boost and overhaul, leading to better overall health and less colds and flus with a shorter recovery time.  


Glowing Complexion

A diet rich in antioxidants fights free radicals which causes premature aging and inflammation. By the second week of this program your skin will be glowing from all the antioxidants. 


Increased energy

You will wake up energized and refreshed, midday crashes become a thing of the past and you will go to bed satisfied and ready for a good night's sleep. 

2017 Resetter: Joe Hunt - YoYo Dieter

At 400 lbs, Joe was a lifetime yo-yo dieter. He had acid reflux, high cholesterol and high blood pressure and was at rock bottom when he joined the 2017 Reset.

He has since lost 95 lbs and gotten off of nearly all his medication. Joe no longer diets, instead, he eats for his health.


2017 Resetter: Chris Caruso - Sugar Addiction

Chris struggled with sugar for years and The Reset helped her kick her sugar habit to the curb. It also helped her understand why sugar had such a tight grip.

Is This Reset For You?

You will not be happy with this program if...


You're Looking For The Latest Diet Miracle.

Spoiler alert - there is no such thing as a diet miracle. The closest you can get is eating the right food, moving your body, drinking enough water and getting good sleep. If you're looking for a miracle solution, you might hit up Dr. Oz, but I'm giving you fair warning, you'll be disappointed.


You're Not Ready To Take Responsibility For Your Health and Well Being

This program is designed to empower you and give you all the necessary tools and support to take control of your life. It only works if you're willing to make the necessary changes and hold yourself accountable.


You Don't Want To Spend Time In The Kitchen

Real food involves preparation time. If you aren't willing to spend time in your kitchen each week, preparing nutrient dense meals, this program won't be your cup of tea.


You Are Not Ready To Do The Work

This program takes work and no one can do the work for you. If you're not ready to give it your best, you should skip it.

2017 Resetter: Tamara Baranova Digestive Problems & Hair Loss

Not feeling well overall, Tamara went to her doctor who sent her to a few different specialists, each prescribing a cocktail of prescriptions.

She decided to take a different path and focus on her food. With the help of The Reset, Tamara avoided prescriptions, improved her digestive system, cleared up her skin and started reversing her hair loss.

2017 Resetter: Michelle Gunn Emotional Eating

Michelle had a long history of turning to food when she was stressed or upset. The Reset helped her connect with herself and explore the root cause of her eating patterns. She learned that this whole process isn't just about what we eat, it's also about why we eat.


Quick Recap of The Plant Based Reset 


Lifetime access to materials
Go back and refresh later in the year or whenever you need.

New video training, action items & Dirty Downloads each week
5 hours of video trainings, weekly action items and 38 Dirty Downloads. Everything you need to start living a life of present joy instead of constantly zoning out with pleasure.

Live weekly Q&A calls
Over 7 hours of live, direct access to Molly and your fellow Resetters. 

Participating as a group
Everyone starts and stops at the same time and goes through each step as a group.  This brings massive support, constant accountability, and never, ever feeling alone.</span

Access to our private Facebook Group for 2018 Resetters only
Everyone in this group will know exactly what you're going through because they will be going through it too.

For US participants: this program is Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) approved subject to your doctor's approval and HSA rules.

Contact us for a description of the program to show your doctor.

*** BONUSES ***

♥  Pre Reset Mindset Shift Training (audio download)
This is perfect for people who have a tendency to self sabotage and not follow through with things. 

♥  Post Reset Mindset Shift Training (audio download)
This will be released at the end the Reset and it is designed to give you extra help staying on track after the Reset is over. 

♥  Guided Body Scan Sleep Relaxation (audio download) 
This is something I’ve done for Luanne for years when she can’t sleep. 
After listening to this download you will be so relaxed that deep sleep is moments away. 

♥  Recipe ebook with 35 of Team Dirty’s Favorite CFDG Recipes 
These recipes cover the bases of plant based cooking; beans, grains, veggies, dressings, sauces, soups and few extras. But they aren’t any ol’ Dirty Girl recipes! Each one of these recipes has been hand picked because they are some of team dirty’s personal faves. If there was a Dirty Girl potluck, these are the dishes we would bring. 

♥  A chance to win a coaching call with me. 
We will randomly pick three people to have a one-on-one telephone call with me anytime during the Reset. If you win, you and I will get on the phone with each other and I will help you through any areas that you are struggling with.


Past Resetters

These are real people from our Private Facebook Group

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Our promise to you

If you follow along and do the program in its entirety, it will change your life like it has with the people who have gone through the program before you.


+ The Dirty Team