5: What’s With the Name Clean Food Dirty Girl?

This episode is a tad sweary.

Clean Food Dirty Girl
Clean Food Dirty Girl
5: What’s With the Name Clean Food Dirty Girl?

Show notes:

Today I’m answering the much asked question, why Clean Food Dirty Girl? What does that name mean? Is it about getting dirty in the garden? Are we implying food is dirty if it’s not whole food plant based? Are we being kinky? Is it because we don’t shy away from a perfectly placed F-bomb, or five?

You might be surprised by the answer, and I can’t explain it properly without bringing up one of my all time favorites, Anthony Bourdain. Listen to this episode to get an inside, deeper understanding of the name, Clean Food Dirty Girl.


Clean Food Dirty Girl helps people eat more plants while celebrating human imperfection.

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