Hear from some of our previous Restters below on their experience with our Plant Based Reset

Past Resetter: Rhonda Davis Lap Band & Sugarholic

Rhonda had lap band surgery in 2008. Equating vegan with healthy, she ate a lot of vegan processed foods and ice cream.

Rhonda went through the Reset and successfully kicked sugar's ass.

Past Resetter: Tricia Nicoll Menopause, Cheese & Alcohol

Tricia had been an alcohol loving vegetarian for a long time. Her menopause symptoms were difficult to manage and she felt overall blah.

Going through the Reset helped Tricia kick her lifelong love for cheese and alcohol, while shedding some pounds, feeling totally energized AND waving goodbye to her hot flashes.

Past Resetter: Joe Hunt - YoYo Dieter

At 400 lbs, Joe was a lifetime yo-yo dieter. He had acid reflux, high cholesterol and high blood pressure and was at rock bottom when he joined the 2017 Reset.

He has since lost 95 lbs and gotten off of nearly all his medication. Joe no longer diets, instead, he eats for his health.