Whole Food Plant Based Virgins by Clean Food Dirty Girl

I didn't mind the outhouse it was the vampires that terrified me

I Didn’t Mind The Outhouse, It Was The Vampires That Terrified Me

Eating Plant Based When Traveling: Honolulu – Tips and a Detailed Journal with Pictures

10 Whole Food Plant Based Rules to Eat & Live By + Creamy Broccoli Soup (Instant Pot & Stove Top)

Nutrients That Plant Based Eaters Must be Mindful of (Part 2) – Iron, DHA/EPA and Iodine + Iron and Calcium Rich Smoothie

Nutrients That Plant Based Eaters Must be Mindful of (Part 1) – B12, D and Calcium + Calcium-Rich Creamy Amaranth Porridge

Mama Earth Doesn’t Grow Apple Pie, But She Does Grow Apples + Plant Based Mashed Potatoes & Celery Root (Celeriac)

My Go-To Whole Food Plant Based Resources + Aloo Gobi

I Cried When I Wrote This + Garlicky Lemon Greens (Instant Pot + Stove Top)

The Podunk-ness Continues – Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without Part Two + Oil Free Refried Beans (Instant Pot + Stove Top)

Tons of whole food plant based recipes, resources, guides and programs to help you on your journey to no longer be a plant based virgin.

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