INFOGRAPHIC: The Periodic Table of Vegan and Vegetarian Stars

49 of some of the world’s most popular celebrities, singers, actors, politicians, athletes and entrepreneurs share their reasons behind their meatless lifestyle.

These celebrities make a meatless lifestyle sexier one plate at a time.┬áIt doesn’t get sexier than this. From politicians, models, athletes to celebrities, here are 49 sexy, cool and meatless people and their reasons behind a meat-free lifestyle.

The Periodic Table of Vegan and Vegetarian Stars

Click on image to enlarge. It’s a PDF file

(might take a while to load depending on connection speed. It’s a pretty large but uber rad graphic!)

Infographic Design By: Graphic Content

*Note: Sir Paul McCartney is listed twice on this list under “animals” and “environment” – both causes of which he is equally passionate about

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