Bold Vegan Food of South East Asia Cookbook


Quick geography and history lesson.

  1. South East Asia consists of ten countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.
  2. The food is a cultural mix of Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, French, Middle Eastern, Polynesian and European.
  3. Due to the abundance of spices and natural resources, South East Asia was colonized by the European powers during the age of exploration (1450 - 1600)
  4. The Portuguese, Dutch, French, Spanish, British (including Japan during WW2) colonized and ruled the region from 1511 right up to 1984. Which is why current day South East Asia is relatively new in its self-governing status and consists of several fragmented economies and democracies. (To date, only Thailand has never been colonized)
  5. During the age of exploration, the colonial powers established the Ocean Spice Trade Route that changed the world forever — by bringing spices to Europe from the Far East which stretched from China to the United Kingdom.

And there you have a quick lesson as to why South East Asian food is SO DAMN DELICIOUS!

The 30 recipes in this book are a combination of Luanne’s favorite street food growing up in Malaysia, and home cooked dishes from the 10 countries that represent South East Asia.

The recipes in this book are all vegan.

Asian grocery stores are super awesome but we realize that not everyone has access to them. The majority of ingredients in this book can be found at most grocery stores and/or your health food store.

People are talkin'! Woot!

“This book is appropriately titled BOLD vegan because it is. Wow! That’s some serious flavor. I love it.”

Kristin Doyle, R.N, C.N.C & Author of Therapeutic Chef


“This cookbook takes the fear and blah out of vegan cooking. As a meat eater and a person who has only dabbled in vegetarian cooking, My idea of vegan cooking was basically steamed veggies and some type of grain. Could meals without meat AND dairy taste good and be satisfying? This cookbook has proved me wrong. The meals are not only delicious and interesting but plenty satisfying.”

Austin Larry, Amazon Top 500 reviewer


I’m talking “mind-bending foodgasm” wins. I think this proves that the recipes are indeed well loved and best-of-the-bunch.”

Allysia Kerney, Vegan Chef and Writer


Most vegan/vegetarian cookbooks are pretty bland but Bold Vegan was the complete opposite! Coming from South East Asia, I like foods that are full of flavor and the recipes in this book did not disappoint.

Jamie Lim, CEO of Kayu Design


This book gave me a wonderful explanation on how to get started, The pictorial guides really help because it takes the mystery out of shopping for things I had never heard of.

Mary Rose LeBaron, Homecook, mom and community activist