Bold Vegan Food for the Body & Soul Cookbook

Bold Vegan Book Cover

Get out of your food rut and into your kitchen.

Packed with 90 recipes to choose from. Each one will bring a party to your mouth and leave your house smelling like somewhere you definitely want to be.

Vegan food doesn’t have to equal boring, and I promise, you won’t find a “nut loaf” recipe in this book (or anything equally as 70′s and hippie).

Cheers to feeling awesome after you eat (instead of the alternative food coma), cheers to cooking more and giving your order to people less, and finally cheers to healthy food that actually tastes good.

Let’s revolutionize how we eat and more importantly, how we feel.

Say What?!

Not only is the design and photography beautiful, but the recipes look yum and comforting! If you're looking to get a cookbook thats fun and comforting, check it out.

Alicia Silverstone, Actress & author

Bold Vegan - Food for The Body and Soul will take you on a taste odyssey that doesn't make you feel like a big grease monster after you're done. Healthy and delicious aren't mutually exclusive -- Teoh and Patrick's masterful cookbook proves that.

Laura Beck, Vegansaurus

Bold Vegan is more than 'just' a cookbook; it's an invitation to 'Bowls of Goodness and Yum" with 'A Little Extra Love on the Side'! Delicious recipes combine with delectable photos to inspire the compassionate cook in all of us!

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Bestselling author and creator of The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

We must have 10 vegan cookbooks on the shelf collecting dust because the recipes are either too complicated for every day cooking or the finished meals are uninspiring. Bold Vegan: Food for the Body and Soul is different. It has everything we want in a cookbook. The recipes are easy to follow, the  ingredients consist of items we stock, with few exceptions; the preparation time is reasonable for a working adult; the dishes are fun and inspiring to make; and the finished meals are delicious. Not to mention, the photos are beautiful!

Johanna McCloy & Henri Laborde, Actor & Avid Homecooks

You won't be able to keep yourself out of the kitchen for long with this book in your hands. And no matter what sort of eating you do, you'll be excited and inspired by these beautiful pages.

CBROWN, Graphic Designer & Artist

Bold Vegan — Food for the Body & Soul is filled with new and old favorites. This book belongs in your kitchen, not on the shelf!

Christine June, Colorado Vegan (Food Blogger)

It is very educational and easy to work with. The great images and recipes presents lots of new ideas for me as a cook.

Alex Kushner, General Contractor and Avid Homecook